ABG Digicon 2 2008


Machine manufacturer: ABG

Model: Digicon Series 2

Web width: 330 mm

Year of construction: 2008

Available from: immediately

  • Label length counter with batch and pause facility
  • Web guide with ultrasonic edge sensor/splice table and web clamps

Unwind stand

  • 700mm unwind/end of roll slow down/auto tension control 
  • Air controlled Rewind shaft width: 3”

Printing/Coating unit  

  • Semi-rotary flexographic printing station with quick change cassette comprising stainless steel ink pan, pick up roller, ceramic anilox roller (up to 450 lines/inch) and reverse angle doctor blade. Station has auto pre-positioning and servo drive re-register.
  • Coating roller for 320mm coat width plate cylinder (customer to confirm tape and UV plate thickness)
  • Mid press dancer to allow full rotary coating

Drying Unit

  • Air cooled UV 

Semi-rotary cutting unit

  • Semi-rotary die cutting station with 19” magnetic cylinder (18” maximum repeat)
  • Waste matrix stripping tower  


  • Shear knives system
  • Number of knives: 3 


  • Second rewind shaft including 3” air expanding mandrel and suitable for winding up
  • Dual rewind shaft including 3” air expanding mandrel and suitable for winding up
    to 700mm
  • Maximum roll diameter: 500 mm    


  • Corona treater single sided for conductive and non-conductive
  • Hot air dryer for Primers (runs in full rotary only)
  • Over laminating station suitable for super varnish, cold foil, self-wound and lamination  with carrier with soft laminating option
  • Hot foil stamping complete with single size clamping cylinder/oil heater, Omegas foil saver and skew adjust
  • Second ink cartridge
  • Back Scorer used for edge trimming the silicon carrier, which is then rewound with the matrix
  • Electronic dispro
  • Kocher & Beck Gap master
  • Additional plate cylinder



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